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videopress announcement

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wordpress just announced videopress, a plugin that allows HD streaming video to be embedded in blog’s. HD streaming video -true HD streaming video- has been somewhat of the holy grail for internet content distribution. One of the few that have seemed to have done it right is abc.com. Custom applet, dedicated servers and network mean that it is a very costly proposition; definitely out of the reach of the common man (at this point in time, 2009 A.D.)

I thought finally prayers had been answered, but alas, the videopress HD stream sputtered and stuttered, although it was in glorious HD 720p. Lovely as it was, totally unwatchable. The SD stream played nicely, however. It is a paid upgrade, IIRC on the order of $60/year, but youtube and vimeo have that for free.

Maybe a bit of code tweaking on videopress’ part will make HD a reality, though I have a strong feeling that it is the omnipresent flash engine that is causing the hiccough (hiccup for the dictionaryless).

I will wait in the wings with bated breath (until my ADHD draws me elsewh



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June 24, 2009 at 6:44 pm

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